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Two Dollar Radio-published books have been honored by the National Book Foundation, finalists for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, picked as 'Editors' Choice' selections by The New York Times Book Review, and made year-end best-of lists at O, The Oprah MagazineNational Public RadioTime Out New York, Slate, Salon, and The Believer.


They've received praise from The Brooklyn Rail for publishing "some of the finest works of contemporary fiction in the past few years," and The Los Angeles Times for providing the industry with "an air of possibility, the belief that the future was very much in play." Publishing Perspectives dubbed Two Dollar Radio “a budding literary movement;” The Seattle Stranger envisioned them leading a "dream industry" out of the wreckage of corporate publishing.


In 2013, the company announced the formation of a micro-budget film division, Two Dollar Radio Moving Pictures, an expansion that the Tribeca Film Festival’sFuture of Film’ blog speculated could be "a real watershed moment in film."



Two Dollar Radio was founded in 2005. The original impetus came on the heels of reading Andre Schiffrin’s The Business of Books

The name has its origins in a San Diego bar, when the bartender/publisher was ignoring a belligerent old man who blurted out, “Don’t mind me, I make more noise than a two-dollar radio.” We tacked on the ‘Movement’ part to the name because we didn’t want to rule out future endeavors into music and film. 

Two Dollar Radio functions on a no-wasted bullets policy. You won’t find jokebooks or bathroom readers camouflaged in our lists. In the work we produce, we value ambition above all, and believe that none of our books/films crimp to convention when it comes to storytelling or voice. Ideally, that contributes to a liberating reading/viewing experience. Our primary interest lies with what we would characterize as bold work: subversive, original, and highly creative. 

Among the celebrated artists who have contributed cover artwork for Two Dollar Radio titles are Barbara Kruger (The Shanghai Gesture), Aubrey Perry (Termite Parade), Xylor Jane (Baby Geisha), Mat Brinkman (The Orange Eats Creeps), John Gagliano (Frequencies), Ricardo Cavolo (How To Get Into the Twin Palms), Michael Salerno/Kiddiepunk (Mira Corpora), and Lynn Davis (The Drop Edge of Yonder, Nog, Flats/Quake). Most of their covers are designed in-house.

Two Dollar Radio is based in Columbus, Ohio.



Editorial Director / Publicity
Eric founded Two Dollar Radio with his wife, Eliza, and brother, Brian. His writing has appeared in 
The Brooklyn RailThe Millions, Los Angeles Review of Books, The Rumpus, Columbus Alive, and on The Billfold. In 2008, at the age of 26, Eric and Eliza (Editor's note: Eliza was 28 at the time) were included in Publishers Weekly's '50 Under 40' list, which spotlighted 50 individuals under age 40 working in publishing worth watching. He has received the Venable Herndon Award for Excellence in Screenwriting. He enjoys playing competitive basketball on the weekends.


Publicity and rights queries should be directed to eric[at]




Director of Brand / Copy Chief
Eliza graduated from New York University with a Fine Arts Education degree. When not hard at work with Two Dollar Radio, she enjoys spending time with Eric and kids Rio and Maceo, and/or reading, running, sewing, building, gardening, and going for long walks on warm sunny days. 






Marketing Director
Brian is one of the founding members of Two Dollar Radio, and handles marketing for the company.










Film Development
Active in the Ohio experimental music community since 1998, Mike Shiflet is a former member of Sword Heaven, Burning Star Core, and Noumena, and also ran the GMBY label until 2008. Utilizing guitar, laptop and analog devices, his solo work is a unique mix of noise, drone and melody. His most recent recordings for Type Records (Sufferers and Merciless) and Under the Spire (The Choir, The Army) received high praise from outlets such as NPR, Pitchfork, and The Wire. In addition to his solo work he is also guitarist for the drone doom band Asurya.




Editorial Assistant
Terrance Wedin lives in Columbus, Ohio and attends the MFA program at The Ohio State University. His writing has appeared in Esquire, Hobart, Smartish Pace, Barrelhouse, Fanzine, Similar:Peaks, and Elimae.








Molly is a recent graduate of The Ohio State University where she studied English. In addition to working for Two Dollar Radio, she also does research with The Appalachian Project, Ohio.  Selected works have appeared in various personal notebooks, bathroom walls, and scraps of paper.  Interests include good coffee, reading, cheap tacos, funky music, horror movies, and taxidermy.






Morgan is a senior English major at The Ohio State University and is currently working as a medical assistant at a Dermatology office in Westerville, Ohio.  She enjoys traveling to Colorado and Chicago to visit two of her four sisters, as well as taking long walks in the park with her Australian Shepherd, Khaleesi. They are both carnivores. She plays the part of Rosalyn in the Two Dollar Radio Moving Picture, I'm Not Patrick.


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Other People Podcast, 9/3/14
Interview with David Connerley Nahm
by Brad Listi

"One of this country's finest independent presses."




Columbus Alive, 8/7/14
People to Watch: Eric Obenauf and Eliza Wood-Obenauf of Two Dollar Radio
by Jesse Tigges

"One of the most exciting publishing companies in the country."




Full Stop, 7/1/14
Review of Crystal Eaters by Shane Jones
by Eleanor Gold

"[Two Dollar Radio books] are ambitious, far-reaching, and even visionary."




The Millions, 6/28/14
'Next In Line from Two Dollar Radio'
by Nick Moran

"Is there an indie press that consistently punches up as high and as successfully as Two Dollar Radio?"



Virginia Quarterly Review, 5/27/14
'Literature Is Not the Same Thing as Publishing'
by Chris Fischbach

"Two Dollar Radio, a relatively new indie making a big splash, made an even bigger splash when it announced the launch of Two Dollar Radio Moving Pictures, a 'micro-budget film division.' These aren’t book trailers; they aren’t done just to promote their titles, or even their brand. These are creative, exciting works of art in their own right; each one gives you the sense that the people behind it are incredibly creative people who love books, but who also love movies, and love making things, making things happen, trying something new. It sounds so simple, but it really was a paradigm shift for Two Dollar Radio to even think this was a possibility."



Library Journal, 1/19/14
'Galley Guide Discoveries'
by Barbara Hoffert

"[Two Dollar Radio's] publications are always eye-catching."



Los Angeles Review of Books, 4/15/14
'Midnight Reckonings' (review of Made to Break)
by David Rice

"Like Jeff Jackson’s fantastic Mira Corpora from last fall, Made to Break is published by Two Dollar Radio, an Ohio-based small press that puts out striking, deckle-edged paperbacks with extra thick pages and vividly dark writing."




Tribeca Film Festival, 10/15/13 
'The Future of Film: Two Dollar Radio and the Next Step for Micro-budget Cinema'
by Zachary Wigon

"A pioneering literary press... If more respected content-providers [like Two Dollar Radio] begin to make their way into the low-cost, easy-to-operate realm of micro-budget filmmaking,we may see a real watershed moment in film occur."




HTML Giant, 9/24/13
'Two Dollar Radio Expands into Film Production
by Kyle Minor

"The hippest, most adventuresome publisher in the United States." 



Publishing Perspectives, 2/8/13 
'Overturning the "Lemonade-stand Culture of Literature"' 
by David Duhr

"A budding literary movement." 



Thought Catalog, 2/13/13 
'4 Great Indie Publishers to Start Reading Right Now' 
by Alexander Kalamaroff

"Book for book, nobody beats Two Dollar Radio." 



Lit Reactor, 5/30/12 
by Joshua Chaplinsky

"Two Dollar Radio is more than just shiny artwork and sex appeal. Two of the biggest contributing factors to their success are their adventurous choice of material and their enthusiasm for the written word. Two Dollar Radio and their fellow indies are proof positive that you can achieve [...] success without pandering to trends. It may not always be a monetary success, but money's obviously not the main motivation here. Eric and Eliza Obenauf publish books for love of the game. And as previously mentioned, their passion for what they do is infectious." 



The Millions, 11/29/11 
by Edan Lepucki

"Whether it be larger independents like Algonquin and Graywolf, or small gems like Featherproof and Two Dollar Radio, or university presses like Lookout Books... independent presses offer diversity to readers... These presses are run and curated by well-read, talented people, and they provide readers with the same services that a large press provides: namely, a vote of confidence in a writer the public might have never heard of. Smaller presses, too, enjoy a specificity of brand and identity that too often eludes a larger house." 



The Columbus Dispatch, 11/13/11
'Too Loud to Ignore'
Husband-and-wife team find following going against mainstream publishers
by Jeffrey Sheban

"Columbus is home to a small book publisher with grand ambitions... With an eclectic stable of first-time novelists as well as more-established writers, Two Dollar Radio (slogan: “Books too loud to ignore”) is gaining traction in publishing circles."



The Brooklyn Rail, 11/2/11

by Benjamin Gottlieb


"[Two Dollar Radio] has released some of the finest works of contemporary fiction in the past few years."



Largehearted Boy, 7/17/11 
by David Gutowski

"A handful of publishers consistently amaze me, and one of those is Two Dollar Radio." 



Three Guys One Book
'Why We Love What We Do - Eric Obenauf, Two Dollar Radio'
by Jonathan Evison

"We love their editorial voice (authors like Josh Mohr, Rudy Wurlitzer, and Grace Krilanovich), we love how they do business, we love how they get behind their authors, and we love love love that they’re a family run shop." 


'#61, List of Independent Books and Literature Sites'
by Jasmine Chan

"Unabashedly independent and idealistic... Two Dollar Radio claims to publish “Books Too Loud to Ignore.” It seems Two Dollar Radio cannot be ignored either." 




Art + Culture, 8/10/2009
'Curator's Corner: Two Dollar Radio'
by Benjamin Gottlieb

"The fiction publisher has a great many tremendous titles to its young catalogue." 



Bookslut, 7/10/2009
by Michael Schaub

"[An] amazing indie press." 



The Rumpus, 6/2/2009
'Live From Book Expo America'
by Stephen Elliott

"McSweeney’s seems to be doing fine, along with Graywolf and Two Dollar Radio. People buy books from these publishers written by authors they’ve never heard of. Just because. When was the last time someone bought a Random House book because it was published by Random House?" 



The Stranger, 6/9/2009
'The Slow, Moronic Death of Books (as We Know Them)'
by Paul Constant

"It's easy to imagine that this collapse is a happy ending for publishing: Picture a world of small, good regional publishers like Two Dollar Radio, Seattle publisher Chin Music Press, and Akashic Books printing beautiful books with high literary merit and authors making good, honest blue-collar salaries (instead of grossly overinflated six-figure book deals). Frankly, that sounds like my dream industry." 



Los Angeles Times, 6/1/2009
'BookExpo America reveals an industry in transition'
by David L. Ulin

"But for independent publishers - from the midsized Grove Atlantic to the fiercely iconoclastic Akashic and the up-and-coming Two Dollar Radio - there was an air of possibility, the belief that the future was very much in play." 



Vroman's Blog, 9/24/2009
'Branding: The Future of Publishing?'
by Patrick Brown

"Two Dollar Radio has a very strong brand, publishing adventurous fiction across a spectrum of ideas rather than genres. They also understand the value of design, creating attractive books that look nice together in a set. Not coincidentally, they offer subscription packages on their website. They continue to be a model of how to start a small press and publish great stuff. In short, they don’t compromise." 



The Longest Chapter, 10/21/2009
'Dark, Gritty Books Too Loud to Ignore'
by Kassie Rose

"Eric and Eliza are young, smart, hard-working and visionary. And their publishing company, that originated in Brooklyn four years ago, isn't some idealistic lark. No matter the persistent, annoying clamor that print is going away, it's not going away and it won't go away because of independent publishers like the Obenaufs and Two Dollar Radio." 



Village Voice, 4/22/2009
'The Unlikely Triumph of Two Dollar Radio'
by zach Baron

"A trove of extremely weird fiction... aesthetically consistent, editorially adventurous, and manageably tiny." 



Details, Holiday 2008
'Boutique Publishers'
by Timothy Hodler

"This tiny upstart has already produced an impressive array of subversive fiction." 



GalleyCat, 9/18/08
'Can Mom and Pop Operations Rescue Publishing?'
by Jason Boog




Publishers Weekly, 5/5/2008
'50 Under 40'
by Lynn Andriani




Times Literary Supplement, 6/15/2007
'Freelance' by Michael Greenberg

"[Their] list of authors is impressive. I marvel at [their] idealism." 

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The Drop Edge of Yonder is available as Zebulon in France courtesy of Christian Bourgois Editeur, in hardcover in German from Residenz Verlag, and in paperback in German from Heyne Verlag.

Erotomania: A Romance is available as Erotomania: Una historia de amor in Spain courtesy of Tusquets Editores.

Some Things That Meant the World to Me is available as Tutto Quello Che Amo in Questa Vita al Contrario in Italy courtesy of Elliot Edizioni, and is forthcoming in Turkey from Aylak Kitap.

The People Who Watched Her Pass By is available in German from Residenz Verlag.


The Drop Edge of Yonder, 1940, I Smile Back, Nog, The Cave Man, and Some Things That Meant the World to Me are available as audiobooks courtesy of

The Orange Eats Creeps, Damascus, and Radio Iris are available from Recorded Books.