Tattoo Club

I would like to join the Tattoo Club!

I got the tattoo and am ready to join the Tattoo Club!


In the fall of 2010, we launched a Tattoo Club, where members could join by tattooing the Two Dollar Radio radio logo on their person. In exchange, they would receive a lifetime supply of Two Dollar Radio titles.


Since 2010, more than 25 members have joined the Tattoo Club from all across the country — from Texas to Iowa, from California to New York — and we've capped the lifetime subscription option.


Currently, when you get our radio logo tattooed on your person, you will receive any 10 (TEN!) books currently available on our website.


When we initially dreamed up this club, we were never even sure that a single person would join, and we are ecstatic and inspired by the folks out there who have taken the plunge, so to speak. Meeting folks who've gotten the tattoo while at events or conferences has been an incredibly fun and rewarding experience, almost like running into a long-lost friend. So, we certainly welcome any and all future club members!

Please click the links above to read up on Tattoo Club terms and conditions.